Monday, July 26, 2010

13 and counting...or Lucky 13!

Well here they are two crazy kids...who 13 years ago fell in love and decided to be together forever.(wow.. forever is a long time..Some days it is longer than others!=)

these are our engagement pics... the first picture taken of Mrs & Mr Nathan Harward

have to show a pic of the cake!! It ALL was gone by the end of the night. Oh yeah and each layer was a different flavor. The BEST cake EVER!!!!
Partied out!! "Can I go home now?"
I love ya Nathan! Thanks for being my best friend!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Nate the great is eight!!

OK so my sweet Nate has been eight for a while now. I know I am a slacker. Anywho would ya like to see the pics? Alright then stop they are...

birthday cupcakes...the kids helped me decorate.

So here is what he REALLY, REALLY wanted and asked me for about a million times. He finished the game in three days.

"What?! All the green stuff is for me? THANKS GRANDMA AND GRANDPA!!!!"

So these are from before his party... we spent the day at the zoo. Nana and Poppy enjoying their meal of dirt pizza, dirt soda, and for desert dirt cake. YUMMY!

Little Momma and JOJO!

What's up with the salute there partner? Well at least his tongue isn't sticking out.

the grand babies in the hole.=)

See he can be nice when he wants too.

Here is most of the clan. I really love Nick there in the front giving himself a little adjustment. I tried to find one that he didn't have his hands in his pants, but this was as close as it got.=)

Here he is dressed in white ready to get baptized.
This is my favorite. Just after he was baptized. I love my Nate. He really is a sweet kid!
(I would show you all the yummy food, but it got wiped out! ALL OF IT! It was some good
eats!=) It was a wonderful day!!!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I'm no He-Whore! by:Nathan Harward

Had the best time with my girl tonight, we took the time to go see the new Twilight movie Eclipse, which I thought was very good. Yes, if you want to know I am totally team Jacob, hot, hairy and stinky! Although I am not a fan of tween age vampire movies because most are predictable and geared towards 12-17 year old girls. The one scene that threw me for a loop was when Bella and Edward had the house to themselves. Of course one way or another they end up in the bedroom. As Bella is contemplating being turned into a vampire by Edward she tells him there is one thing she would like to do in her human form, and of course you guessed it... bumping uglies. As they begin to get hot and heavy Edward pauses, and says,"No Bella...I can't take your Christmas until we are married." Needless to say my jaw hit the floor. What a breath of fresh air. I am sure it won't affect everyone like it affected me. It is nice to know there are still a few moral people in the world, even if they are the walking dead!

Blast from the past

and all things denotes there is a God....

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