Friday, June 26, 2009

Bringing you up to speed...

A LOT of things have been going on around here lately. Some days I feel like a dog chasing my tail. Ever since the kids got out of school it has been one thing or another. We went on the pioneer trek.....

This is some of our girls on the very last part of the trek.The one in the middle had a bruised ankle from being run over by the hand cart on the first day, but she still wanted to walk the whole trail. "Way to go Monica!!!We are proud of ya!"

This is my beautiful niece Mary Katherine. We kidnapped her and took her with us to the store. Shhh...don't tell.=) Also don't tell her I put this picture up...she would KILL me!
You may have wondered what we got at the store. Well we got.....steaks , potatoes, corn on the cob, stuff for breakfast, eggs, bacon, sausage, and biscuits. You know camping food, since we were "ruffing it". It was SOOOOOO good!=)

Here is my Dad,Roger Johnson, and Nathan(and Debbie's legs and arms=) at the Johnson's sweet set up. They had everything you would ever need to be comfortable.They do re-enactments so they know how to camp!

Here's Debbie!=) Also my baby brother Aaron. I am glad he got to come too. He is an AWESOME brother! Love ya Aaron!
Here is the video of "Brigham's speech" for before the entered the Salt Lake Valley. Watch at your own risk. My camera skills are not good at all.It is REALLY shaky!The gun shots you here are a little early, some of the boys were trigger happy.(you know who you are Dalton.=)

No this isn't some furry animal. This is SOME of Nathan's hair after we got back from the trek. He wanted it all cut off!I turned 34 this year. Yeah!This is the party that the girls did for me and Mandi. Sorry I was kind of out of it.=)

Also we had a baby shower for Mandi. She left us to go home to Utah. Sigh. We...miss...ya ...girl.sniff...sniff.
So that is all I want to post for right now. It gives ya a good idea of the ramblings from the Harward Home.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

My second attempt!

This one if for my sister's b-day!

Obviously I hope her favorite colors are red, white, and black!

Shhh... don't tell her! (and if this is Kelly reading this well....SURPRISE!!!)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My first quilt project....

Here it is in all it's glory. Let me explain what you are seeing... It ...a... table topper. (I bet you could guess huh?)

I went to Lakefield's enrichment activity and this is what they were doing.

I have a confession though...My Mom did most of the work. She went around her house and mine to find fabric.(hence part of my kitchen curtain fabric. Scarlett would be proud!)So all this was made form scrapes. Pretty cool!

It was actually not that hard IF you have the right tools for the job. Like a quilters mat, a rotary cutter, a nice sewing machine, etc. I still have to back it with some fabric,and iron it.
It was a lot of fun! Next I am going to do a fourth of July one. All red white and blue!(and then a black and white one, and then Christmas, and Thanksgiving, the list goes on and on!) Anybody else want to give it a try?

Blast from the past

and all things denotes there is a God....

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