Sunday, April 27, 2008

Emma's Dress.

Well here it is. In a little under a week we get to baptize Emma. My Mom actually found this dress for me. She was at a consignment sale in HP, looking for a stroller for my sis. Well as they were walking out they see a rack of dresses not even near anything else, and Mom decides to go and have a look. She finds this beauty marked at twenty bucks. "Twenty bucks" you say,"Well that is a good deal!" Your right, but it gets better. It was 50% off so it was only TEN DOLLARS! I know! Can you believe it!!!!! So any way Thanks to Mom for finding the perfect dress for my little princess!=)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Show.

I happened upon this show off of Netflix. Nathan was skeptical at first, but as the show started we both got into it. It is Robin Hood obviously and it is just nice to see a clean family show. We like it a lot! So check it out if you like. I think you can watch it online at BBC
Hope you like it!

Nate and his Peeps!

Yesterday we went to the zoo with Nathan's class. Picture this, you are at the zoo surrounded by 3000 field trip classes, you and old.(OK well there wasn't really 3000, but that was how many were scheduled.) First, we go to the Polar bear, to see what he was up to. Well he was really active, and for some reason there was 2 geese in his habitat with him. As soon as she saw one of them, he went for it!By a fraction of an inch, he almost had it.So we are wondering this whole time "What is going on with the geese?"When on of these precious 5yr says,"Look Mommy, a baby duck."We all look and see this tiny gosling sitting right in the middle of the polar bear's habitat!At this point the polar bear is playing in the water and doesn't see the chick. As soon as the polar bear starts to get out of the water, Nate's teachers say "OK kids lets go!!!!!"So when then run as fast as we can so the kids don't have to see anything. Of course as you know some kids are very curious, and still asked us What will happen to the duck? All in all it was a fun day. We saw EVERYTHING!We walked EVERYWHERE! From Africa....uphill.Of course by the end Noah was beyond tired, as was I so we just did our own thing. Oh yeah Nathan's favorite was the elephants, shocker right!=)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Feeling Old.

Yes, yesterday was great, went to the baptism, saw the family,came home and spent some time with the kids.So me and my kids decided to have a smack down on our bed. Little did I know I would end up with bruised ribs, and the vault door to the family jewels busted open.Due to Noah's well executed and delivered death slam.That was the final blow..literally. I had to tag out to Dena, who then cleared the ring, and told me to breath or I was going to hyperventilate. Needless to say work was not very fun today, due to the bruising, and the factored vertebrae.Thus ends my career as a semi-professional wrestler.

Signed,The Old Man of the House

A fun day for all!

Yesterday our nephew Jeremy got baptized! Yeah!! We got to go to the High point ward and go to church with them, and Kelly,and Grandma and Grandpa Harward. Good Times! It was nice to see everyone. It seems like we don't get to see them very often, so when we do we love it. Seeing Jeremy made me realize that Emma isn't far behind. A little over two weeks, if that. I am very grateful for this gospel. I am grateful for the chance to be a forever family. It is Emma's decision to be baptized and I am grateful for her, and the choice she has made. She is such a wonderful daughter. She makes us laugh all the time! We love you little Momma!!!!

P.S.Emma,Here is your Alvin and the Chipmunks!XXOOO

Saturday, April 19, 2008


Life is much too short to hate somebody for something stupid. Full disclosure, I'm pissed off @ a bud of mine for something he said about my family. I don't know if he meant it to hurt or if he was just kidding or something along those lines. Needless to say he knew I was upset and ready to drag his a** through the mud and back. He said he didn't mean to offend but I left in a tissy!!!
That night I was reading, not as I often do, and came across a quote by Brigham Young, it basically said "any man who takes offense when offense is not given is a fool!" I called my friend of 11 years and told him I was sorry and that I Loved him and hope we could forgive and forget. It's funny in life how things pop-up to smack you in the face! Well as my mom has always said, "life's to short to waste energy on being mad at somebody" mommas always right!!!!!!

Nathan(aka natalie)

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


You ask what the CODE is, well I'll tell you in story form of course. Today was a pretty busy day at work, lots of stops and customers to take care of. This means for me no time to stop and grab a bite to eat, so needless to say by the time I get home I'm ready to eat the door off the hinges!!
So as I park my truck and finish paper work I call my wife, like I do every day and let her know I'm on the way home, well this is where the "CODE" comes in. I ask Dena, "Hey whats for dinner?" She proceeds to go over the menu, and of course like Pavlov's dogs I madly salivate in anticipation of the soon to be had meal!!!!! Almost an hour later as I walk through the door and to utter disappointment, no food. I ask my wife, wheres dinner?!!!!!! Her reply, I didn't know you were hungry, sure you did, I asked whats for dinner?! After almost 11 years of marital bliss I've become painfully aware, stomach pains that is, that my wonderful wife has not figured out my "CODE". What is a man to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tag, I'm it!

Ok here it is... just for you guys....questions I know you have been dying to ask me but were to shy to ask!
Snacks I like to eat: Well lets see....just about anything really. I really love croutons, just eating them out of the box.Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, I am not a big sweets person so I guess anything salty.
Places I have lived:Greensboro,NC, Asheboro,NC,climax,NC(really that is kind of all the same area, but it looks cooler to have alot of places.)Rexburg,ID, Bountiful,UT.
What would I do if I became a billionaire:I think I would become a recluse, and have alot of plastic surgery, and build a place that kids could come and hang....oh wait that's Michael Jackson.I don't know what I would do, guess we will find out when it happens.=)
Jobs I have had:Revco(now CVS), Belk's junior dept, hand bags, ladies,and
fine jewelry dept.(my favorite)Eddie Bauer, Sears customer service rep.(phone crap,hated it)
Things you probably don't know about me:humm... I can't think of anything, really I'm an open book.=)Ok well I just thought of something, in college(Ricks rules!!!ok BYU ID RULES!)I took really, really, really, hard classes. Like racquetball, horse back riding, umm social dance, etc. I know hard classes right. Just so you know I aced them all!(OK racquetball I made a A-, but it wasn't my fault, because this stupid girl took beginning racquetball and she had played everyday since she was 8yrs old. I know she sucked. Anyway the teacher made us play a tournament for our grades, so she got the A. Cow!=)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I can't believe it!

In 16 days Emma and Noah will have their birthdays. They were born on the same day. It is amazing to think of where I was 8yrs ago, and 4 yrs ago. Emma has always wanted things her own way, but was always a sweet baby.Noah was trouble from the start.(heehee..the only cesarean out of four kids, turned the night before my last doctors visit!)
I am really grateful for both of my May day babies, they are a blessing.

Emma as I have said will be 8. She gets to be baptized. I am really excited about that. Mom found a beautiful princess white dress for her on sale, she will be gorgeous!

Noah will be 4. I am trying to get him into school this next school year, but it is starting to be very hard for me. I know it is good for him, but that doesn't mean it is easy. He is my baby, and we have had a lot of time to hang out just me and him. The only other child that has gotten to do this was Eliza, and it wasn't for very long. I love my babies! They are a lot of fun. It is nice because they are getting older, so it is easy to do things with them. They help with the house, and help with each other. I am grateful I get to be home with them and see them growing up. I just can't believe how time flies!!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Goofin around!

I just have to give it up to you ladies! You guys are the best! You know who you are.... I have to say that hangin with you gives me back a little..(what little I had) of my sanity back. I know you are thinking another mushy post!"What is wrong with that girl!"or Nathan's favorite,"Do you need some magic pills?"(his way of saying I' m on the rag.nice huh!)Anyway I ramble, but I just am grateful for you guys, you lift me up. I hope that you can say the same for me.So if I act awkward next time I see ya I want you to know....I love ya man!=)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I love My Husband!

*Warning***This is going to get really sappy girls so you might not want to read anymore than this.***
That being said, I really love my husband. I am sure you are thinking,"OK what has he done?Or what has she done?"Nothing really,I am so grateful for his sacrifice everyday of getting up before the butt crack of dawn and going to work. Lifting heavy boxes and all kinds of crap then having to deal with jerks on the road all day. I am grateful he can handle it! Then to come home to all this crazy and still be loving and wonderful! I know I am being cheesy, but I just can't help it. Nathan is my best friend. I know I can tell him anything and we can work it out together. What a blessing he is for me, and I guess this is for him more than anyone else, so Nathan I love you!!!!!xxxoooo

Monday, April 7, 2008

Big hands need gloves too!!!!

Hello folks! I know it has been awhile, but I have been contemplating a lawsuit against the Revlon corporation. Needless to say I'm upset.I am sure you are asking why, well I'll tell ya...This afternoon as I was helping my beautiful wife in preparation to help dye her hair, I mixed the solutions as instructed,as she prepared her hair. I went to remove the handy dandy safety gloves conveniently attached to the instruction paperwork. I started removing the gloves with joyful glee in anticipation of helping my wonderful wife with this small science project.Little did I know that the evil conglomerate Revlon (this bring us to my lawsuit) doesn't think that big girls need gloves too.Being 6ft2in, 350lbs struggled to place the gloves on my over sized man hands with no success.What if I was a cross dresser, what if I needed to dye my hair, what if I was alone What would I do?!!Well I say to you Revlon,"No more!No more shall the tyranny of tiny gloves persecute those with giant man hands!"


Attention Mr. or Mrs. CEO person I am forwarding this to my attorney Lawrence Eggerton.Because he knows how to fight for my rights.=)

Lets have a shout out for NKOTB!

Well, well, well, all is well with the world! New Kids are getting back together! YEAH BABY! I just think this is so funny! I was reading some of the comments on their official website, and I just had to laugh! One said, "Am I a mother of 4, or am I 15 again?"(No I didn't write it.) I know how she feels though. Any time I hear these songs it takes me back to a much simpler time. No responsibilities, no cleaning up to do, no laundry, "sigh"a much simpler time. Man what fun we used to have, huh girls!Well I better get back to cleaning....enjoy the music!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Watching Conference

Today was general conference. Luckily we were able to not only hear but watch it on line. We were so happy that we did! So Nathan pulled the love seat from the living room and put it in our room, and we sat there as a family and watched conf. Well watching at home did have its drawbacks. Such as, Noah leaving every 5 seconds to get some thing to eat. Nate whining about not being able to play on the wii.Eliza doing who knows what, and Emma...OK well Emma was pretty good.(one out of four right.)Well I tried to get Noah to fall asleep and ended up falling asleep myself for the end of President Monson's talk during the 1st session today.I was upset with myself, but what can ya do? How do you get kids to watch conf.?I just don't know how. I even printed out a packet of stuff to keep them busy,and it worked through the first two minutes. Oh well by the end of the 1st session the last man standing so to speak was Nathan. I guess I will just have to read what I missed in the Ensign.
I hope the boys got something out of conference.=)

Saturday, April 5, 2008

sorry I got excited!

Anyway as I was saying...having sisters can be dangerous. Nate and Noah came into our room yesterday with these outfits. Nice huh! Nathan was in shock and I just simply said,"Oh dear." The boy thought they were the meanest, toughest, baddest vampires you have ever seen. They even did their "don't me with me faces!" I guess you just have to laugh at the outfits these two have come up with. I won't worry about it until they get to be about 15. Then I will worry.=)

Having sisters can be dangerous!

Oh yeah Summers Comin!

The bears are finally out of hibernation and shedding their winter fur.Nathan shaved off his beard today, and now he wants me to shave his head.=)

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun in the wild!

It was chilly, windy, tons of 10 year olds running wild. It was loud, crazy, and so much FUN! Eliza and I went to Grandfather mountain yesterday.

The buses left the school at 6:15 AM, yes that's right AM. So we were a little tired getting up there.(really because I stayed up till 11:00 pm the night before and woke up almost every hour scared I was going to miss the bus!)
Well we made it with plenty of time to spare.=) First we went to the mile high bridge.

I don't know if I can describe the terrror that this tourist attraction can inflict, but I will try. Any one that has been on top of the effiel tower can understand the wind. The bridge is extremly sturdy, made out of metal but it sways.It moves as the million mile an hour wind whips it to and fro! Alright maybe that was a little exaggerated,but it was really windy up there. Just look at the hair in these photos.

So after we showed everyone how brave we are because we crossed the bridge, we went to the gift shop. Been there, done that,and I have the button to prove it.=)

Next our little band of hyper children went to see the animals at grandfather mnt. Where my beautiful and delightful child asks the young tour guide "How can you the girl otters from the boy otters?" After I climbed out from under my embarassment the guide simply said "that's not really a question for me to answer." In my daughters defence she was only wondering about size, you know is he male bigger than the female... you know that kind of thing. OK that doesn't sound any better either...lets just move on.=)
After we went to the animals we went underground to the caverns. Our tour guide was really funny , and that helped to have a good time. Fact: Underground stays at 55 degrees. The stream there in the cave stays at a chilly 22 degrees. There was alot of cool things in the cave. Such as Bats
Ok this one isn't real.Heehee.
When we were finished getting dripped on in the caves, we went for a lovely 2 mile hike.It was lovely. What you think I am kidding? Two miles doesn't sound like your cup of tea? Ok it isn't mine either. We did get to see the falls though...very pretty isn't it.

Not sure if Eliza thought it was worth it.heehee. So after that we went an ate and arrived home at 10:30PM. The kids were all waiting for Mom when we got home. I didn't mind.=)
Well I hope you have enjoyed your time here on Grandfather Mountain. Please come again.=)

Blast from the past

and all things denotes there is a God....

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