Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This is what happens when the kids get the camera.

Poor Steve.=)

The Big TEN!

I have been remiss in my responsibilities as a blogging mother. I haven't celebrated and shared Eliza's 10th birthday. I will do that now.=)

Ten years ago a joyous occasion occurred, and as I am sure you have already guessed, our eldest daughter was born.

Eliza AnnLouise (named after her Grandmothers)

She loved her bouncy seat, and I loved her passy.heehee

This is one of my favorites. She is 4yrs old.
Always loving on her sister. (even when Emma doesn't want her too.)

She loves animals. Oh yeah and also mud...and bugs...and pretty much anything that is alive.lol.
Eliza the supermodel.(At least to her Mom she is.=)
These are her baptism pics. I just love these two pics. They are classic Eliza.
Here she is...our little lady. I just can't believe it. Ten Years Old!!!!! Time just flies!!!!
She is a wonderful daughter, and a joy to this family. I am glad she was first. She has such a gentle spirit and a kind heart. She is a blessing.
WE LOVE YOU ELIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW the songs playing are her favorites. Well some of them. She had a hard time picking. She LOVES the Beatles.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Dena..The other white meat.

So when exactly is summer officially over? I am being eaten alive! One day it is mosquitoes the next it's fire ants. Who knows what tomm. brings. I know I know it's because I am so sweet. Yeah yeah whatever. I don't feel very "sweet". I feel like ripping each and every little one of their heads off. ARGGGG... so anyway...anyone got the secret of keeping the little critters off of ya? I could really use some help here!

Friday, September 12, 2008

This kid makes my day!

As in the title...this kid makes my day. He just cracks me up. So here I am I finally remember to get conditioner at the store today, and what does Noah do? Yep you guessed it, he wastes it. Every bit of it . So well it was the straw that broke the dam. I had a meltdown. Shocking I know! Luckily for me though I have this sweet little guy to cheer me up. Thank Heaven For You Nate!!!!! btw he is saying, "I love you Mother."

Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry am I boring you?

You know, I really thought I was a fun gal to be around. I wouldn't call me the life of the party, but hey I know how to have a good time. You know what I'm saying? (ok I got carried away.=) Anywho, last Wednesday I had a rude awaking...I'm boring. No really I am. I know you are as shocked as I am, but I have the pics to prove it. So our day(as in Noah and I ) started out the usual. Trying to see who much stuffed dino we could stuff in the printer. You know at first you are like, "no I don't think that is a good idea Noah" but then you start wondering "how much can fit in there?"

here is Noah "helping me fold towels and laundry.Jonah was the first one out. He fell asleep in mid giggle.

And then we have the "nail in the coffin" so to speak.I bored Nick so much he couldn't even wait to lay down on a bed. He just passed out!

What can I say? It's a gift!

Blast from the past

and all things denotes there is a God....

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