Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Big TEN!

I have been remiss in my responsibilities as a blogging mother. I haven't celebrated and shared Eliza's 10th birthday. I will do that now.=)

Ten years ago a joyous occasion occurred, and as I am sure you have already guessed, our eldest daughter was born.

Eliza AnnLouise (named after her Grandmothers)

She loved her bouncy seat, and I loved her passy.heehee

This is one of my favorites. She is 4yrs old.
Always loving on her sister. (even when Emma doesn't want her too.)

She loves animals. Oh yeah and also mud...and bugs...and pretty much anything that is alive.lol.
Eliza the supermodel.(At least to her Mom she is.=)
These are her baptism pics. I just love these two pics. They are classic Eliza.
Here she is...our little lady. I just can't believe it. Ten Years Old!!!!! Time just flies!!!!
She is a wonderful daughter, and a joy to this family. I am glad she was first. She has such a gentle spirit and a kind heart. She is a blessing.
WE LOVE YOU ELIZA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW the songs playing are her favorites. Well some of them. She had a hard time picking. She LOVES the Beatles.


Heidi said...

Love all the pictures! I hope she had a good birthday! Double digits now! She's getting old ;)

Jen said...

How Sweet! Happy birthday old little woman! I love the picture where she's reading and giving you that look that only Eliza can give!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Eliza! Hey-- how was it with your visitors?

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