Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry am I boring you?

You know, I really thought I was a fun gal to be around. I wouldn't call me the life of the party, but hey I know how to have a good time. You know what I'm saying? (ok I got carried away.=) Anywho, last Wednesday I had a rude awaking...I'm boring. No really I am. I know you are as shocked as I am, but I have the pics to prove it. So our day(as in Noah and I ) started out the usual. Trying to see who much stuffed dino we could stuff in the printer. You know at first you are like, "no I don't think that is a good idea Noah" but then you start wondering "how much can fit in there?"

here is Noah "helping me fold towels and laundry.Jonah was the first one out. He fell asleep in mid giggle.

And then we have the "nail in the coffin" so to speak.I bored Nick so much he couldn't even wait to lay down on a bed. He just passed out!

What can I say? It's a gift!


Mandi said...

You ARE the life of the party! I guess just not to the kids. . . do you teach lessons? How much do you charge? I need to be THAT boring too!

Jen said...

I 2nd that one, Mandi! Please help me be so boring to my kids that they pass out anywhere. How much do you charge for lessons?

Marti Family said...

That is so funny!!! From what I remember (being that it has been a long time) you were loads of fun! But apparently this new gift of yours is an asset!

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