Friday, August 22, 2008

Let's start the party!!!!

Well here it is the last weekend before the kids start school. Are we ready for school or what?! All I have to say is "yeah boy!" (my grandma says that all the time.=) Just think every morning we get to get up BEFORE the butt crack of dawn. Go on Safari to find shoes and socks, and gather up book bags, any papers, and finish last minute homework. Not to mention all the little extras that make life fun. Such as extra lunch money, extra driving, field trips, little goodies for the teachers(tissues, soap, glue sticks, etc.) and a whole lot of other fun things. After this crazy list you may be saying, "why in the world would you be ready for that?" Well I will tell you, because after all that crazy is done it is just down to me and Noah all by ourselves. Let me tell ya I like those odds a whole lot better than me against the four of them. You know the old saying, "divide and conquer."


Jen said...

I like that saying..."divide and conquer" only one problem..I still have a year before I can start dividing!

Mandi said...

LOL I too love divide and conquer. That rocks. I'm glad everything went so smooth this morning! Smooth like buttah.

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