Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fun with the Gneitings!

On Sunday evening Jennifer called to see if we wanted to go to the park. So I asked Nathan, who was already ready for bed if he would want to go.(thinking that he would most definitely say no.) Well as you can tell he didn't. So we all got dressed to have a great time in the park. On the way there to pass the time we sang primary songs, and when those were done we ended with Christmas songs. Good times!
My husband the risk taker!
OK Jesse, you can let him down now.=)
Swingin good time.heehee
Sweet Ethan! Such a good boy!
My Lizzie!
Ok 20 more laps and your done!
We Harwards take up a whole swing set!!!
Everyone loved to climb these.
We will name these next two..Hang in there Lucas!
Due to a gag order I will not be able to show the wonderful video I have to go along with this one.=)


Jen said...

I thought that gag order also applied to the pictures I was in LOL! What in the world are you thinking putting those up?!!? Haven't I told you before that camera's both big and small just simply hate me??? Oh well, we had a great time. I really like that park the best out of the ones around here, the fenced in yard was the best!
P.S. send me that video so I can see how much the video camera hates me too!!!! LOL!

Mandi said...

So who's responsible for the gag order? I wanna see! That looks way fun. where's that park at?

dena4kids said...

The park was at Ramseur elem. school right on 64 and across McDonalds.

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