Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bringing Sexy Back!

Here is a tribute to my sweet thing. As I was looking for a certain picture(which I didn't find of course) I came across these. So here it is my tribute to sexy!=)Nathan's 1st b-day

His days in the highlands of NC.=)Can't you just here the bagpipes!

4 years old. Love those boots!

Look like anyone we know?

We call this.... "Superman cowboy!!!!!"(notice the belt)

Sorry honey, I just couldn't resist!
Buisness up front party in the back!

9th grade
Now these are the Nathan I fell in love with!

10th and 11th

yummy 12 th grade!=)

Dating at hangin rock
engagement photos

Last but not least our engagement photo. Look at those kids. No idea what lies ahead!!!! A lifetime of love, joy, and a lot of crazy!! I Love you Nathan!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Eleven years and counting...or the mad canners.

Well here it is 11 years. Eleven years what you ask? Well I' ll tell ya. 11 years of marriage to my best friend Nathan. Now you are probably wondering about the second part of the title the mad canners. This little beauty is what we got this year for our anniversary.

We have had many a romantic evening with this baby.=) Here is the fruits of our labors:

Peaches, dill relish...

Pickles, grape jelly, green beans...

Peach jam, Kiwi jam, strawberry jam....

Marinara, tomatoes, green beans.....

and bread and butter pickles, and our dill pickles.

So there you have it 11 yrs and counting. Just me and Nathan canning away! And loving every minute of it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

For You Mom..

Well here it is. Me and all my glory. You are asking yourself, "Why? Why would you put that up?" Well I promised my Mom. So here you are Mom. I hope you are happy!(just kidding)

Let me just give you a little background for this picture.... I loved this outfit. I wore it everywhere!!I mean everywhere! This is at my Grandma Brinkman's house. I thought I was Wonder Women. Sometimes I wish I still thought that way. I definitely wish I could fit in that outfit again.(heehee sorry for the visual.) Anyway, wasn't it great to be a kid!!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh those awesome 80's.

So I was sitting at my computer today trying to remember some songs that I like to put in my playlist. As I was looking I came across this little ditty, called Just like Heaven by The Cure. I don't know if any of you listened to them or not,but I had one of their lighter sounding CD's and this song was on it,and let me tell you the dancing that I did to this so was ridiculous!!!! Just picture the classic 80's dancing of jumping around and flailing with your arms and that's what I looked like! I am bouncing right now in my chair.Good times!!! The other song of course was Friday by the cure, or it's Friday I'm in love. Seems like I was falling in and out of love with someone. (all except you honey, I always love you Nathan .Then and now.=) So what was one of your favorite songs to jump around and act stupid?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet alone time.

No it isn't what you are thinking so get your head out of the gutter!(Yes you Heidi=) J/K

Well me and Nathan got some precious alone time over July 4th weekend. My wonderful Mom took them to her house so they could hang out and go to the stake center the next day. Love ya Mom! So me and Nathan decided to do something fun....we canned pickles! We also froze some green beans from the garden.Yummy!It is a lot easier than I though it would be, but it was time consuming. I got the reciepes and the how to's off a website called it is AWESOME! It has pictures and everything.heehee. Anyway so now when winter comes at least we can have semi-fresh veggis!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nate the Great!

(One of these days I am going to get him some of these books.)

OK this one could have been written about Nate's room, but I digress. Six years ago today, my precious, sweet, kind, gentle, wonderful Little Nate was born. At a mere 8lbs 15 1/2 ounces my little(haha) bouncing baby boy came into our lives. He has always been a sweet baby. Happy and content to just lay there and look at everyone, things haven't changed all that much. Nate is still that easy going kid. Thank goodness. Well here is to you Nate...I raise my glass of pink lemonade to you and say....I love ya son. We are so proud of the Little boy you have become. Always remember who you are, and who you belong to. You are a special blessing to your family, and we are glad to have you forever.=) So without further ado, here he is folks....well all the pics I have
on the computer...

So I had this grand plan of a ton of pictures of Nate, but my computer is NOT being nice so that's all folks!=)
Well maybe just one more.....

Blast from the past

and all things denotes there is a God....

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