Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

Ok here it is... just for you guys....questions I know you have been dying to ask me but were to shy to ask!
Snacks I like to eat: Well lets see....just about anything really. I really love croutons, just eating them out of the box.Popcorn, pretzels, chocolate, I am not a big sweets person so I guess anything salty.
Places I have lived:Greensboro,NC, Asheboro,NC,climax,NC(really that is kind of all the same area, but it looks cooler to have alot of places.)Rexburg,ID, Bountiful,UT.
What would I do if I became a billionaire:I think I would become a recluse, and have alot of plastic surgery, and build a place that kids could come and hang....oh wait that's Michael Jackson.I don't know what I would do, guess we will find out when it happens.=)
Jobs I have had:Revco(now CVS), Belk's junior dept, hand bags, ladies,and
fine jewelry dept.(my favorite)Eddie Bauer, Sears customer service rep.(phone crap,hated it)
Things you probably don't know about me:humm... I can't think of anything, really I'm an open book.=)Ok well I just thought of something, in college(Ricks rules!!!ok BYU ID RULES!)I took really, really, really, hard classes. Like racquetball, horse back riding, umm social dance, etc. I know hard classes right. Just so you know I aced them all!(OK racquetball I made a A-, but it wasn't my fault, because this stupid girl took beginning racquetball and she had played everyday since she was 8yrs old. I know she sucked. Anyway the teacher made us play a tournament for our grades, so she got the A. Cow!=)


Mandi said...

Dude you are cracking me up! Did you call that girl a cow? hee hee. LOL. I love it. And you really do like croutons? hmm guess I'll have to try.

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