Thursday, April 3, 2008

Fun in the wild!

It was chilly, windy, tons of 10 year olds running wild. It was loud, crazy, and so much FUN! Eliza and I went to Grandfather mountain yesterday.

The buses left the school at 6:15 AM, yes that's right AM. So we were a little tired getting up there.(really because I stayed up till 11:00 pm the night before and woke up almost every hour scared I was going to miss the bus!)
Well we made it with plenty of time to spare.=) First we went to the mile high bridge.

I don't know if I can describe the terrror that this tourist attraction can inflict, but I will try. Any one that has been on top of the effiel tower can understand the wind. The bridge is extremly sturdy, made out of metal but it sways.It moves as the million mile an hour wind whips it to and fro! Alright maybe that was a little exaggerated,but it was really windy up there. Just look at the hair in these photos.

So after we showed everyone how brave we are because we crossed the bridge, we went to the gift shop. Been there, done that,and I have the button to prove it.=)

Next our little band of hyper children went to see the animals at grandfather mnt. Where my beautiful and delightful child asks the young tour guide "How can you the girl otters from the boy otters?" After I climbed out from under my embarassment the guide simply said "that's not really a question for me to answer." In my daughters defence she was only wondering about size, you know is he male bigger than the female... you know that kind of thing. OK that doesn't sound any better either...lets just move on.=)
After we went to the animals we went underground to the caverns. Our tour guide was really funny , and that helped to have a good time. Fact: Underground stays at 55 degrees. The stream there in the cave stays at a chilly 22 degrees. There was alot of cool things in the cave. Such as Bats
Ok this one isn't real.Heehee.
When we were finished getting dripped on in the caves, we went for a lovely 2 mile hike.It was lovely. What you think I am kidding? Two miles doesn't sound like your cup of tea? Ok it isn't mine either. We did get to see the falls though...very pretty isn't it.

Not sure if Eliza thought it was worth it.heehee. So after that we went an ate and arrived home at 10:30PM. The kids were all waiting for Mom when we got home. I didn't mind.=)
Well I hope you have enjoyed your time here on Grandfather Mountain. Please come again.=)


Mandi said...

Hey looks like you had tons of fun! That is beautiful. Where's the pics of you, huh?!? And the kids really stayed up 'til 10:30? What a sweet mom you are. I'd be like "GET TO BED! RAR!"

Jen said...

How fun!! I want to go. I wouldn't want to get up that early though! Glad you're back in one piece!

Heidi said...

I am glad to hear that you had a good time and you got to the bus on time. I know it's early. :) What beautiful picts! Thanks for sharing them. I'd love to go up there someday.

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