Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow day....Oh joy.

So here it is... in all it's white wonder. Remember back when you were a kids, and that powdery white stuff was a good thing. Not like today when I know I get to play waitress, cook, maid, and referee. I don't know... maybe I can find that little child in here somewhere, because I get to do it all again tomorrow!!!! Yep they announced it ..... school's cancelled tomorrow too.


Mandi said...

It's canceled again? I got a call yesterday from Pete saying they had a 2 hour delay and can I watch Owen the rest of the day.?. Hmm I guess I'll call over there now (since I never answered yesterday my bad).

Oh PS you can come over still if you want :).

big8smiley said...

Do you get a lot of snow usually? Ours finally has melted. We have had grass for a week, but now it's supposed to get freezing cold all over again next week. I just want it to STOP!!! I'm sure you'll find plenty of ways to fill your time while the kids are home. I hope you enjoy some of the time and it isn't all just work. :)

WhettenWild said...

Wow. That is more snow than I thought you got. Did you at least send the kids out to play in the snow? That ought to keep them entertained for a few minutes. Maybe 5. =)

Jen said...

Ya know, I didn't even get any pictures of this last snow. It was beautiful and I just looked at it and thought, oh, I'll do it later. Not really!

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