Friday, December 18, 2009

Year end letter...

Dearest family and friends,
This past year has been pretty good, it's been kind of uneventful, but staying with the tradition of other people who can't seem to find enough to fill their time during this joyous season...I have decided to sit down and write a year end letter, and just hit some of the high spots.
The beginning of the year started out with me in the hospital getting my pus filled sinuses cut and drained.I know it sounds bad but it was quite a delightful experience.I told Dena to take lots of pictures but she said some how they were deleted.(I think she is lying but I was riding the pink elephant at the time, so I can't be sure.)
Feb. brought about the same challenges as every year...valentine's day. It seems at this time of year that Dena spends ALOT more time on the Twilight websites.Not to blame her that Taylor Lautner is one hot dude.(yes I will admit it...I've got a man crush.) Yeah the man has got an awesome six pack, but you should see the keg I have been working on the last few years!(www Check it out, it's only $5.95 for the first three months!
By the way, I started a new internet business. The money isn't great right now, but I'm sure it will pick up after this post.(hint..hint... ladies)
It's hard to make a profit, Guido who got me started with the website, said I owe him 90% royalties on ever thing I make. He said this was an offer I couldn't refuse, but with a name like that, how could you?
Summer was much the same, farmers tan, a little swimming. The only interesting thing I did was timing my morning pee to get into the Guinness Book. 37 seconds folks, and still not a record. You may say "that's not that long", but you stop and stare at a clock for that long and you'll say "WOW!" Tried my hand at another garden, but things besides my thumbs started to turn green. So I had to stop that.Hey man, I really want that record!
Here we are back at Christmas time. So Merry Christmas to all, and have a great new year.


Mandi said...

Now, THAT is a Christmas letter to love. LOL. I totally forgot about that little mini surgery you had, Nathan. Man that was bad.

WhettenWild said...

This is one of the best Christmas letters ever. LOL!

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