Monday, February 8, 2010

my life in 60 minutes...whatever..

I got a job at Books a million.
I like it a lot!

Nathan got this for his b-day.
I like it a lot too!

Some good ole redneck sledding!

I am such a mean Mom. That being said this is one of my fav pics.=) Emma's face plant in the snow.
My kids enjoying (cross your fingers)the only snow for the season!
**Side note**
They only went to school one day last week...ONE.....DAY! Sigh.The end.


Mandi said...

Dude! You got your van! Do you love it? What kind did ya get? I like the color. . .. ;)

And I love the redneck sledding! hee hee. Hilarious. Call me!

Heidi said...

the kids told me about the sledding in primary! It is a nice looking van! I'm glad you like it.

WhettenWild said...

We need to try the redneck sledding. My kids would love that.

Nice van! Are you liking it?

I'm glad you are enjoying your job!

big8smiley said...

You got a job?!! What do you do?

You have way more snow than us...we have (in Utah), get this, NONE!!!!! We bought new sleds this year for Christmas and haven't even used them once! It's crazy. I don't mind not getting so much snow this year, but feel sad I never took the kids sledding. LIVE IT UP!

dena4kids said...

hay that girl up on the hill hay that is me .............. EMMA

dena4kids said...

they are so cute.and i love EMMAS picture in her dress love you


dena4kids said...

hay its EMMA we love the van it has a t.v. in it.the first movie that we watch was shark boy and lava girl in 3D it was coooooool.

dena4kids said...

why wont yall write us is it because we are crazy or because
I'M writeing yall all the time.

RYAN said...

I love the redneck pic...A laundry basket that is great. Reminds me of my brother...When I had to kick my brother out of my house and he packed all his stuff in a laundry basket...HAHAH ... or

Brianne said...

HAHAHA I loved the redneck sledding!

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