Tuesday, October 5, 2010

More Kennethisms

Time to time my brother can be really clever.=) So as I am sure he won't add you as a friend, believe me I have tried, I thought I would post some of his facebook updates for you to enjoy:

Kenneth R Brinkman is your book of the month.

Kenneth R Brinkman should be a travel agent, because he's always canceling peoples ego trips.

Kenneth R Brinkman is constantly telling strangers, "I'm pretty sure I smell milk."

Kenneth R Brinkman is wondering so whatcha, whatcha, whatcha want. Got on the addidas warm up suit on kicking it straight old school.

Kenneth R Brinkman has a pretty good net, but just can't seem to catch a break.

Kenneth R Brinkman thinks that some good advice is to never start a land war in Asia, and never trust a Sicilian when death is on the line.

Kenneth R Brinkman can bench press a house, but only one rep, any more your asking for trouble. I knew a witch who I believe was from the north. She tried it more then once and was killed by a redneck, and her little dog too. Not so good times!

Nice ones Kenneth!


Mandi said...

Dude, if I had half the brain your brother had, I might be able to come up with half as good of stuff.

KateBannet said...

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