Monday, May 12, 2008

The Finer Things!

Well I know most of you haven't seen the office so I will explain. Pam(the main girl on the office) and 2 of her other co workers, Toby(everything that is wrong with their company=),and Oscar(who called it the gayest thing he does) make this club; the finer things. They eat on real plates, eat little sandwiches, and drink tea. Well I was thinking yesterday, why can't we have a finer things club? Well we are!!! Yeah! Alot of people have come up to me at church and asked when are we doing a bookclub? Well we are going to combine them. It will be like an English tea party. The book we will be reading will be The Host, by Stephanie Meyers. I am not sure of the date but it will be towards the end of June. Maybe june 24th.? I am not sure, would it be better on the weekend or during the week? Well we will see. I am thinking fun times!!! And yes it will look exactly like this. Just you wait and see!!!!!! Everyone is invited!! I can't wait!!!


Mandi said...

Wahoo!! Count me in, baby! What am I bringing?

Jen said...

Sounds like a plan! Can't wait. Those candles holder tin can things I had at my reception outside. They looked great. Save all your cans and we can make them pretty easy!

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