Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Like.A.Pit Bull.

OK so most of you know that Emma got her tooth knocked out on sat by one of the girls friends who had come over to play that day. (Yeah don't get me started on that. Needless to say that kid is NEVER coming to our house again!) So yesterday we to the dentist to get it fixed. Well he sent us to an Endodontist(I think that is how it is spelled.) I won't go into too many details because it was not fun, but there are a few funny points of the visit that must be addressed.

#1- Emma hates to go to the dentist! With good reason. So to say she was a little stressed about this visit is a understatement. She went to the bathroom at least 7 times in a five minute wait in the lobby. She even had to go during the exam. Her words,"I HAVE TO GO NOW!!!!!!" yeah she yelled it.

#2-The doctor should have known better. When she was getting her shots to numb her mouth she grabbed his arm. When this didn't work she hit him. I was thinking "Hit him harder!!!" (He kept telling her not to scream out because he had other adult patients. Screw them!!)

#3- The doctor got his. As he was working on Emma I guess she had finally had enough. Her survival instincts kicked in.She clamped down on his finger and bit the crap out of him! Seriously folks, there was tears in his eyes! He kept flexing it the rest of the time. He told the nurse that he wasn't putting his finger back in there.Not only did she bite him, she did not want to let go! Hence the title like a pit bull.

Can you believe after all that I can say that he was a good doctor. Very nice man. After it was over he just kept patting Emma on the back telling her what a good job she did. The funny nurse just said, "Aw, he gets bit all the time." So now that is done she will go on Thursday and get the last part done. Then we can show you the after pictures.


big8smiley said...

That is AWESOME! I would be mortified, just sitting there as th mother. I'm glad you wrote about it. It reminds me of when I took Athena in to get a tooth pulled and she was screaming bloody murder. I'm sure people could hear her throughout the entire medical park. I was nauseous after that trip. I hope he was able to fix her tooth! I would be mortified if that happened to my kid.

Mandi said...

So it'll be all done tomorrow then? Tee hee I love the like.a. pitbull. LOL.

Marti Family said...

I laughed so hard!!!!! Poor baby, but I laughed so hard I cried!! At least you know she won't take crap from anybody!! :)

clyde and ashley said...

a permanent tooth was knocked out?? poor girl!! penny did the same thing to her hygenist. he yelped. tee hee.

Jen said...

Way to go Em! That sucks! Hope it doesn't happen again!

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