Monday, July 6, 2009

Fishing fun!

My kids got to spend the weekend with their Nana and Poppy. For Nate's birthday Poppy got him a fishing pole. While he was at it he thought it would be fun for all the kids to have one, so he bought the rest the guy had.
Here is Poppy untangling yet another hook for the tree branch. My kids might not have caught any fish but they caught a TON of tree branches!

"That's right Lizzie. Work smarter not harder!"=)
Watch out Nate! Noah is behind you!!

"I've got the outfit and the accessories.Now where are the fish?"

After fishing they went to the park to play.

Here is Aaron, Emma, Lizzie, Natey. and Noah. (he is the monkey on the middle.=)

Poppy having a little nap time.

After they got home Noah and Nate decided they needed a bath.
Mom calls this one The Head in the Bubbles.
Thanks so much Mom and Dad for taking the kids with ya! They LOVED it!=)


WhettenWild said...

Whoa, that's a lot of bubbles. ha ha. I love that first picture of everyone fishing!

big8smiley said...

Fun! I can't believe he got each of them a pole. That makes it so much better when you don't have to take turns holding the fishing pole. Sorry you didn't catch any fish - better luck next time!

Those bubbles are so funny! You must have used the jets with bubble bath - right? LOL Whenever we use the jets with bubble bath it's near to impossible to get rid of those bubbles!

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