Monday, October 19, 2009

Looking at the past.....

We got to visit the Montgomery House for Little Nate's cub scouts. Brother and Sister Johnson invited everyone out to see the living history. It was a lot of fun! Here are some pics....

This is our "sweet little knuckle heads."(That is Nathan's words not mine.=)This is the front of the house. It is still a work in progress. They are raising money to restore it. Outside they had a camp set up for the soldiers.

Nate enjoying the solder's campfire.

Hello handsome! (Sorry I put this one in for me.=)

Roger's rifles. Hee heee sounds like a store in Randolph county.

This was one of the coolest displays. It is the field medic. He had everything including a stained bloody tablecloth! COOL!

"I'll save you Nate!"(yeah right!)

Nate,. Noah and our tour guide Zada.

The troops. The General is standing with little Nate. Everyone was very nice to explain things to the boys and let them hold and see their things. For example they let the boys feel how heavy their rifles were. (To which Noah kept saying he wanted to shoot something. Which made the guy give a nervous little giggle and take back his rifle.=)

Nathan and Sheriff Johnson.
This is Little Nate's Den mother, Sister Johnson, and MaKorah.(Sorry Debbie I got you with your eyes closed.=)Oops.


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Blast from the past

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