Sunday, January 11, 2009

Alright stop.....cookie time!

Last wed. me and the "boys" got to hang out, so we decided to make some sugar cookies. Let me tell you these boys had me cracking up! Here are some of the pictures I took, I just wish they were videos .

All the boys having a good time.

Here is Ethan, just happy go lucky.
Nate was "sick" this day...can't you tell.
Good job Noah...ummm I think you are supposed to cut out the cookie, not mold the cookie

Notice the flour on Tanner's head. At one point he was using it to flatten out his dough.=)
When I saw Lucas' cookie I thought he had made his hand print, but come to find out he had used the holes in the spatula. Very clever.=)


Mandi said...

You are a good woman 'cause I'm so impatient I don't even let my kids cut out the cookies anymore. Wow. That says a lot about me. LOL.

big8smiley said...

You are so brave! I'm too much of a perfectionist to let this activity get to this level of fun. Good for you! If kids were using their forehead I'd have marked that cookie so that when it baked that kid had to eat it and no one else would get the forehead germs. LOL! It looks like a fun time. :)

Jen said...

Do you mean that Tanner was flattening the cookies using his head? OMGosh! He's so silly! Thanks again for watching my little monsters I owe you big!

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