Sunday, January 11, 2009

Game day goodies.

On sat. we decided to make some goodies for the game.(Carolina lost btw!!!Don't get me started!) So here is some of the things we had:

Spinach artichoke dip with bagel crisps. Yummy homemade bread for sandwiches.

Bean dip salsa with chips. It ain't a party without the heavenly elixir of the gods.Strawberry Sunny D.=)

Do you like barbecue flavor or spicy? Yumm, yumm!
So the game really sucked but at least the food didn't!

I must be a jinx. After Carolina lost I thought OK I will pull for the giants. Well they lost today! I give up!


Mandi said...

I just wanna say first off, that Jeff is really diggin your new music. I told ya he really likes this song, right? 2nd, can I get your spicy wing recipe? I tried one from allrecipes 2 weeks ago for a bowl game and it was okay. . . but not strong enough. And wow do you make a good lookin spread. Yum.

big8smiley said...

Gosh, you went way out! It all looks downright tasty! Poor Jeremy will never see this kind of treatment by me for a game at our house. He has to get it in other ways! (the treats, I mean - - THE TREATS!)

Jen said...

Will this be the same food at the b-day party? I'm in!

Marti Family said...

That looks so yummy!!!! I totally need to hang out with you and learn to bake bread!! I can't make bread to save my life!!

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