Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ramblin Man "death"

I had a few things I needed to get off my chest, so here it is.
My aunt Libby has been fighting hard with cancer the past few months and it looks like she soon will lose. Her family is moving her back home so she can die in her own house, which is how I want to go as well, in my bed beside my wife and with family and friends. Death to me has always been bitter-sweet, I know we will miss those who have passed, but I feel a sense of joy knowing that they have made one more step in their eternal progression. My mom also called on Tuesday to say one of my buds that I grew up with had lost his mom to a heart attack, she was only 58. This is on top of finding out that another friend growing up lost his dad on the first, he was my little league baseball coach for four years, he was only 54. I don't share this with you to get you down, but rather I am always grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the knowledge of the Priesthood and gifts it affords us as faithful members of Gods' church. I know as we close our eyes in death we open them again to even greater things which we can't understand fully while in our probation. I know God lives, I know Jesus Christ, His Son, died for me so that I might, through my faithfulness, return and live with them again. Christ knows us and loves us and has endured all things that he might know how calm us in the storms and how comfort us when in sorrow and pain(Alma 7: 10-13) The Church is TRUE, no matter what comes and what things we have to face, the Church is TRUE! Brother Joseph was and is a true prophet of God and ushered in the greatest time in the history of the world, and we have so much to be thankful for. His mission gave us the most important teachings of our time and he sealed his mission with his blood and I am grateful to know him. Dena I love you with all my heart and "more than words", no matter how many are uttered or written! I would happily lay down my life to know that you and the kids were safe and secure.
I love you, I love you, I love you!!!!!! I'm so thankful for family and friends that I can love and love me back, even with all my problems. God bless you all and keep you!!!!!! May His grace shine upon you in all you do. It's TRUE, It's TRUE, IT'S ALL TRUE!!!!!!!!

The Ramblin Man

p.s. thanks, and you know who you are, for the super sweet gift card!


Mandi said...

Why do bad things always happen in bunches? I find the ages particularly disturbing-- 58 to me is young.

p.s. I really liked the "ramblin' mans'" post.

p.s. are you really going to shut me out on Sunday?

big8smiley said...

Thanks for sharing. :) Yes, we are very blessed to have the gospel and the understanding it brings into our lives. I am grateful for it too and wish everyone could be so blessed to have it be part of their lives.

p.s. I LOVE DENA TOO!!! :)

Jen said...

what a sweet post! You have an amazing husband, Dena!

Heidi said...

AMEN! The ramblin man post is great . I appreciate the testimony.

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