Monday, June 16, 2008

Feelings..whoa whoa whoa feelings....

Heehee OK so lately I have been mental. Yeah we all know you say. Actually you probably said "Lately?" I know I have been mental for a while, but I guess I have finally kind of comes to terms with my mental state. So to speak. I have also narrowed down the problem. Time management. I suck at it! Like now when I am supposed to be doing laundry, and the dishes I on the computer. Well hold on I am going to start a load now. BRB. OK I'm back. Sorry. You know what I am saying though right? I mean clean underwear goes along way to improving your mental state right? Well I Also need to fix my spiritual time management. If I spend half of my day on the computer, and the other half cleaning enough to get by, how much time does that leave for the spiritual side of my life? I mean of course I pray all day, any mother with kids home for the summer does. "Please don't let the kids blow up the house. Please don't let anything catch on fire. Please help me to be able to ignore them so I can sleep till 10:00.=)"I don't see anything wrong with the last one.heehee I don't know. I guess I am rambling. I guess I need to stop talking about it and just DO IT! OK I am off! Later!=)


I have to give a shout out for my Nathan. This past week has been really troubling for me and I know everyone always says it but I can't think of any other way to put it...."With out him I don't know where I would be." He is my rock and my helper. I am grateful for his testimony of the gospel and Jesus Christ. He has taught me so much, and I am very thankful for him. Nathan you are the best!=)


Jen said...

Congrats to you! Let me know when you get it all figured out. Time management is one of my weaknesses too. My motto: Do the best you can and the rest will follow." Or at least we can always hope!

Heidi said...

I admire all you moms of more than one. It's hard enough for me with just my one. I like Jen's motto. That sounds like a good plan.

Please tell Nathan that I really loved his talk on Sunday.

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