Friday, June 20, 2008


My Mom is one of the nicest, and sweetest person in the world. Especially when she VOLUNTEERS, yes I said volunteers to take the rug rats for a night at her house. Then doesn't bring them back till late the next day. Sigh. Sniff..sniff..I love ya MOM! Anywho I am sure you are wondering what exciting and magical things happened while the kids were away. Well for starters I found my sanity! Well what little I had left, which I tell you isn't alot! (but we'll take it am I right ladies?) Oh yeah I slept in, sort of. I watched a movie all by myself. Yep I know magical and exciting. (Oh by the by DON'T, and I mean DON'T watch P.S. I love you UNLESS you want to cry four 3 hours straight. I don't mean a tear or two either, I am talking about opening the flood gates!) All in all it sounds pretty boring when you write it all out, but trust me it was heaven on earth.


Mandi said...

Dude you've got a nice mom!! Pass her on over this way, could ya? ;)

Jen said...

Calgon, take me away too!!! Red Rover, Red Rover send Judy right on over!!!!

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