Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Mental state

OK something is wrong with me. No I mean it...I am totally mental! Then my sweet Mother in law gets my hopes up that she is going to give me some "good stuff" to help with the blues, but come to find out she was just kidding! WE DON'T KID THAT WAY SANDRA!=)just kidding I love my mother in law she is the best! If anyone knows what I am going through it would be her. She has 5 boys. That's right ladies I said 5. She has had her couch set on fire by a flare. She has had her chair in the living room and part of her carpet caught on fire.(this was just a couple of years ago by 2 of her sons. they were 30 and 22 years old at the time.heehee Also the only two who didn't become eagle scouts. Imagine that.) Her back yard looked like a dirt bike course till a few years ago. You name it her boys have probably done it. She said she reached a time in her life when she was scared to answer the door, scared of what her boys had done next. So I guess all in all I need to stop complaining. I still have my couch, I kind of have a yard, and there are no flares to speak of in my house.=) All's good I guess. Well I guess I could still use some "good stuff''!=)


Jen said...

Dude, when you find the good stuff I'd like to order a case and then get on your monthly mailng list order! I don't know how she did it! What an amazing woman!

Mandi said...

Kay I'll stop complaining. Holy crap I'd never get over the flare incident. How come you haven't been coming clean on feeling mental until now? I need to know more about this. You better be posting about your "feelings" really soon, girl!

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