Monday, October 6, 2008

Food for the soul and the tummy.

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Nice weather, with beautiful Carolina blue skies.(because Carolina STOMPED Kansas City. GO PANTHERS!) Also it was General Conference. So to get ready we made banana bread, and peanut butter white chocolate chip cookies. (YUMMY!) As you can imagine they were a success. I think they lasted about through the opening song. I really thought it was a wonderful conference. I loved the all the talks, but it was President Monson's I remember the most. I am so grateful that we have a prophet here on the earth today to guide us on the path of happiness. What a blessing. He spoke about changes. Things change. Life changes. He read the quote, "The only constant in this world is change."(something like that.=) He said to cherish the time we have with our children. All too quickly do they grow up. (along with the piles of laundry.Did ya catch that one ladies,'cause I sure did.=) It was a wonderful day and I am grateful I got to be with my family, to hear the prophet and the Lord's apostles and servants bearing their testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ . What a great blessing!!! I hope you guys had a great day too!


Jen said...

Yum yum! Red rover, red rover send yo' self and bunch of those cookies on over! Loved President Monson's talk too!

Mandi said...

Girl you are making me hungry! Save some for me.

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