Friday, October 17, 2008

House Party

Here are some pics from the house party last night. I think good times were had by all. Am I right ladies?

Here is the

Goodies in the kitchen. Not pictured is Mandi's caramel apple dip. YUMMY!

Jennifer, Ethan, and Mandi. I wish I would have gotten a pic of your cute signs Jennifer.=(

My favorite was "Don't be a goob....check your boobs!"(good one!) Thanks for the help with the decorations Jennifer.

Here is Nana with her key chain from Sister Cecil. Thanks Corneille!

Speak of the devil.(heehee j/k) Here she is with Johnny. Man I sure wish that kid would smile once and awhile.=)

Here is Amy sporting the Bob Marley look. Oops I mean the Jacob Marley.=)

I wanted to take more pictures but my camera was being fussy. Maybe Mandi has some more.

Thanks guys for coming out and hangin with me. When is the next one going to be?


clyde and ashley said...

looks like you gals had a blast...jealous!!

Heidi said...

it was good times. loved the snacks!!

Jen said...

I had a great time! BTW, you've got to go to and watch the Kath and Kim episodes!!! Hilarious!! I'll have a GNO tomorrow if Judy will agree to make another Strawberry cake!!! yummy!

Mandi said...

I think you're pictures are better than mine, really! It was so fun! Woot! Sorry my kids were such a pain in the rear. I'm tired of taking 'em places.

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