Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Ugly Woman!

Today at work as I was driving I happened to see a political sticker on the back of a car, not unusual at all by this time in the election cycle, the sticker read Another Woman for Obama.
I'm not sure why it caught my eye but it did, it also peaked my interest I must admit.
Who was this woman, was she white, black or other, was she old,young etc. etc..
Then for some reason I wondered what she looked like, alot of great stereotypes can go through your head just by the way a person looks!! You know what I mean! So as I passed her I had to take a peak, as I began to pass I noticed a glimpse of a goat-tee and a mustache, my first thought, man that's a UGLY woman, my second thought, if that's the kind of woman voting for Obama, he sure won't have the same problems Bill Clinton had!!!!! wink, wink Anyway it turned out I guess this guy borrowed the car from his wife, girlfriend or mom. But still I wonder what she looks like?

Take care,

Big Hands


Mandi said...

ROTFL! Oh man. The tears are rollin'. . .

Jen said...

You guys are so crazy!!!! Maybe it was a woman, you know, the sweet southern fugly type!...ROTFL!!

big8smiley said...

I think it was a woman. You need to get your eyes checked! LOL, that is funny! Poor guy, he was probably out to get her some feminine products. Imagine the humiliation he must feel.

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