Thursday, December 4, 2008

He sees you when your sleeping.....

He knows when you awake. Who am I talking about you say. Why Santa of course. Ever wonder how Santa sees everything? Introducing the Santa cam.

What?! It looks like a home security system. That's the beauty of it. It helps Santa keep up with your children, and keeps your home secure. It also is a great behavior modifier. Don't believe me? Well let me give you a few examples:
Ex#1- Noah and I were sitting at the computer yesterday, when he began to get... well let's just say a little rowdy. You know attacking me for no reason. Me, being the good Mother that I am and wanting Santa to see the very best from him, simply pointed out that the Santa Cam was on and that Santa could see everything he was doing. If he would stop fighting everyone, and tell us that he was sorry, then maybe Santa would bring him some presents this year. Noah looked apprehensively at he camera and tried to play it off like he was just joking around.He said,"Sorry Mom.heeehee(nervous laugh) I love you." Priceless.
Still not convinced?
Ex#2- Noah loves to flip over my rocking chair in the living room. I won't lie to ya folks it drives me crazy! So I simply informed him that he needed to sit in it the right way. Well after 3 tries of this I remembered the Santa Cam. Once again it came to my rescue. This is how it went....
Me:"OK Noah that is the third time I have told you to put up that rocking chair! Remember Santa can see you with his camera!"
Noah:"No he can't! The Christmas tree is in the way! (So not the best placement of the Santa Cam in the living room ..the tree IS in the way.=)
Me:"Well he can HEAR YOU, and me, and he heard me tell you TO STOP DOING THAT!"
Of course He immediately flipped the rocking chair over and sat in it the right way.
**A word of caution though folks. The Santa cam can backfire in certain instances.
Noah:"Mom you are NOT getting anything for Christmas! Santa saw you being very bad!"
(That was when I woke him up this morning. I guess it was to early for tickle torture.=)


Jen said...

What the hell? You put up a security camera on the inside of your house? Now that's priceless! It may work for Lucas, but I bet Tanner would look at it, shake his little butt, while saying underpants and laughing his tush off. Is it really a camera security type thing? Dude, if it does record what goes on in the house during hte day I want one for each room. Then when Jesse tells me that he cleans and does so much after he gets home I would have it documented and be able to say ha-gotcha now jack!

dena4kids said...

ROFL!! Yes it is part of the security system, but it isn't a video one. You crack me up girl!

Mandi said...

LOL this is a great idea. I wonder if I could convince them that the fire alarms are also camera's. Hmm?

big8smiley said...

That ROCKS! I have been telling my kids he is watching, but I don't have actual proof. You are so funny!

Marti Family said...

That is great! I am gonna have to remember that one!

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