Wednesday, March 19, 2008

David Archuleta..Imagine

OK so I haven't been very faithful to American Idol this time, so I really haven't seen it since the tryouts. Last week, my Mom called to tell me they were performing the Beatles songs.Well I didn't get to watch.(you know kids and all that drama)A few days later my Mom calls and says that the song by David Archuleta was really good. He sung Imagine by John Lennon. Well I have been meaning to look it up but haven't really thought about it; so today I looked it up. WOW! He really did do a good job! I love the guitar.(for those who haven't seen it take to time to listen at the side of my blog.I found them on you tube.) I really like John Lennon anyway and thought that I wouldn't like it(the American idol version) because Mom had said that it was really different then John's version. I think that he stayed true to the song, and again the guitar is what makes it for me. Good song! It is kind of sad though I think yesterday he forgot the words of his song. Oops! He has a really pretty voice, and I hope he does well.


Mandi said...

Did he forget again?? I hope not. Last week he forgot the words and got hacked over it. I hope he did better yesterday!

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