Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tiller fun!

How many people does it take to move a troy built tiller? Well lets see Jennifer, me, and oh yeah Nathan on my cell phone! What fun me and Jennifer had trying to figure out how to move the tiller. When Jennifer called to pick it up I was worried about being able to put it on the trailor, little did I know that the hardest part would be to get the wheels to even move!!!! So picture this....We go to pull the tiller out of the building. First we have to move the wheelbarrow to get to it. OK not that hard. Next we go to pull the tiller, we pull , and pull, and pull, and pull, to get this thing out! So we drag this 60lb tiller( I looked the weight) down the ramp to the ground. Now we have a problem because how in the heck are we going to get this to her truck? So like any smart person would do, we read the directions. Nothing. Then we read them again....nothing. It doesn't tell you anything about how to get the dumb wheels moving! So this is where Nathan comes in to the picture, I call him on the cell phone and ask him. Now Jennifer and I are both scared(and cussing) at this point that we are going to have to start this baby up. And of course that is what happened. So now you can picture me and Jennifer trying to start this thing! I am no good at pulling the ripcord to get the motor to turn over, so I got it to start one time but it cut off. Luckily Jennifer was able to finally get it to crank. Then she has to move at snails pace to take it to her trailer. All the while scared that we are going to chop our toes off! Good times, good times!!=)
PS. Thanks to your Grandma Jennifer for letting us use it!


Heidi said...

sounds like i missed all the fun! ;) too bad so sad for me...i'm glad nobody lost a toe

Jen said...

Dena, it wasn't us!!! We aren't stupid after all! Jesse came over to grandma's to unloas the tiller (cause I wasn't going to) and found out the the engage/disengage switch wasn't working. He tightened it up and it was smooth sailing from there on out.

Mandi said...

OH MAN! I too am glad no one lost a toe. I woulda made Jeff come home and move it. What a wimp am I?

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