Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's Easter!....well almost

OK so here it is a few days before Easter. You know there was once a time long, long ago, when I was actually somewhat organized. I would have had the girls outfits together, and hung in their closet, all the way down to their tights, gloves, and matching hats. The boys would have cute little outfits along with matching ties. Candy AND a little present would be hiding in the closet. But not this year! I just remembered Easter was on Sunday!!!! I had such plans for our first year in our house, and surprisingly my little picture of domestic bliss hasn't happened! Go figure. So Nathan has Good Friday off, and I guess that means we"(when I say "we" I mean Nathan=) gets to run around like a chicken with his head cut off, to get the last minute stuff! Fun for him!!!!=) I thought me and the kids would make these, cute huh!=)


Nenos said...
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Mandi said...

That is really cute! You guys are so creative. I too don't have my Easter stuff together. I better get on my horse and get ready. I love EASTER!

Marti Family said...

Hi Dena!!!
Long time no see!! I haven't seen you guys since my days at Walmart! It is Heather Jenkins by the way...I know my married name and actually going by my first name throws everyone off! It sound like everyone is happy and well! The kids are adoreable! They are so big from when I last saw them.

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