Saturday, March 15, 2008

Noah is fine?

OK, so most of you know Noah got a bump on the head yesterday. Can you tell? NO!! That kid has not slowed down even for a second. It hasn't even made a difference. Did it stop him from jumping off the exam bed at the hospital? Nope. Did it stop him from screaming the whole time we were there,"I want to go and play at Mandi's house!" Nope. Did it stop him from pulling my arm and sleeping on it ALL night long? Unfortunately no. Did it stop his love for taking showers? Not at all. Did it stop him from trying to pull his staple out last night? No. All he says is,"Mom I can take off my band-aid now." And he proceeds to pull out the staple. Gross I know! Anyway that kid is made of steel! He is a funny kid!! I wish he would give me some of his energy! We would all feel a lot better!


Photo courtesy of Mandi!


Mandi said...

I am still sooooo sorry. I'll be saying sorry for 20 years! Leave it to Jace. That kid, I tell you what!

Heidi said...

I can't believe he ripped out the staple!! He sure is a tough kid!

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